Want to know how we created and maintained a sustainable Co-op for over 20 years? There’s lots of information here. Please have a read. If you still need more, we offer our expertise for consultancy services.

Check out this academic research about NCEC published May 2019 in a leading international journal for disability studies. Titled “The Possibility of cooperatives: a vital contributor in creating meaningful work for people with disabilities”, the article reports on a piece of Action Research by Dr Peter Westoby (QUT) and Dr Lynda Shevellar (UQ). Read the Abstract and access the full article here.

Our self published e-bookParticipation and Production: a Resource for Community Enterprise” is available at no charge in three formats:

  1. As an Apple ‘i-book’ (i-pad only) available by downloading the free i-books app and clicking the following link to the i-tunes bookstore: Participation and Production i-book
  2. As a high quality printable portable document file (PDF) available for download here (32MB PDF).
  3. As a view-able document online @ Scribd:Participation and Production@Scribd (N.B. enable your pop-up blocker if you want to avoid advertisements).

Description: This e-book tells the story of how a group of Brisbane’s most marginalised citizens created their own successful community enterprise. The publication has been kindly supported through a Brisbane City Council “Access and Inclusion Partnership”. It will be of interest to anyone wanting to understand, support and develop a concept of community enterprise which includes the most marginalised.

Liking = Donating: If you like our free e-book and want to ‘pay forward’ the good-will, we suggest you donate a coffee or meal as a part of our ‘shout a suspended’ coffee campaign; where free coffees and meals are provided via our cafe to local residents in need. http://www.givenow.com.au/ncec

NCEC and the Cooperative Movement:

NCEC is a registered Cooperative in QLD and part of an international movement of member owned enterprises. We were recently featured in a report by the Business Council of Cooperative and Mutuals (BCCM). A recommended read if you are interested in stakeholder owned services. Get it here.

We also suggest this free step by step guide for those interested in starting their own coop.